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Gift Set! Saddle Cover, Saddle Pad & Stirrup Iron Covers


Saddle Cover

Quality polar fleece saddle covers.

Made from quality antipil material, draw string with a toggle to adjust for a snug, well covered fit.

Perfect to protect your saddle from scrapes, bangs and mould! Whilst in every day use or storage. They are generously sized and do cover quite a good area underneath.

Availale in sizes small & large.

SMALL to fit Cub Saddles, 14" to 15.5" seat size.

LARGE to fit 16" + seat size.

Large size pictured on a 17.5" XW Workers Saddle.

Will fit all style saddles, dressage, GP, workers, jumping, show etc

Stirrup Covers

Ideal for keeping the irons from rubbing the saddle whilst being stored.

One size fits all, fully elasticated.

Saddle Pad 

Quality thick saddle pads made from quality polar fleece filled with a 6oz of wadding.

Approx sizes to be updated.

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